Monday, August 3, 2009

* MaRaThOn MoNdAy * : Cool new gadgets

Here are some cool (and some kinda weird) new running gadgets that I wanted to share with you guys!

This is the Nike Run Wallet, which retails for $8.00 (

This is only big enough to hold keys and a bit of cash - it's not large enough for a cell phone - but due to its small size that means that it is also very light. It clips onto your shoelaces.Here is the SPIbelt, which you can find for $20.00-$30.00 (

I like this idea - it is big enough to hold a cell phone and keys at the same time, but looks very light and I would imagine it is not cumbersome while you run.

This is the iStik, which is $25.00 at

This looks pretty cool - you don't need a pocket or seam to fasten on your Nano (it works with all 3 generations of the iPod Nano) - you just use the strong magnets in the iStik to place it anywhere on your clothing

Here is the Moji Ice Pack, which is $85 at

That's a bit pricey for my liking, but let's be honest icing is NO fun and this gadget would make the process a bit easier and, well, less cold and drippy and messy!

This features a flexible, strong wrap with a "cold cell" that velcrows onto the wrap. The best part is that you have complete mobility while wearing this!

This is the Sportline Hydracoach, for $30 at

This is a bit frivolous in my opinion, but I still think all gadgets are kinda cool :)

You program your weight and it tells you how much water you need over the course of the day and calculates, based on how often you fill the bottle, whether or not you meet your hydration goal for the day.

Last but not least, this is the T3 Athletic Recovery Mattress, or "Ironman Bed", found at

They don't have a price listed for this yet, but it will be released to the market soon and supposedly this bed conforms to the shape of your body, relieves pressure points, aligns the spine, regulates body temp while you sleep making you warm when you are cool and cool when your body is warm, and it is "clinically proven to relieve pain, improve sleep quality, heighten athletic performane, and increase oxygen levels in the body up to 29%." Wow, that is definitely an interesting concept....... I wonder how popular these guys will be ;)There are some cool gadgets out there, some necessary and some just extravagances. What are your favorite running/workout gadgets?


  1. the hydration one and the ipod ones really caught my eye! i love looking at running gadgets! Thanks for your research and coool gadget post

  2. ohh I really like that magnet idea!! I have always hated carrying around my ipod.

  3. I love my spibelt!!!! I use it ALL the time.

  4. I've heard awesome things about the spibelt. One of the more interesting gadgets I've seen lately is a metronome. Yes, a metronome. I saw it in the case with our heart rate monitors and thought it was a joke. Nope. Apparently you set the metronome so you maintain a steady cadence. I thought it was a cool idea but not one I'm quite ready to nerd out with haha.

  5. That bed looks like and sounds like a memory foam. We recently bought a memory foam mattress from Costco for about $500 (including taxes)! Unbelievable price. A Temper-pedic starts at $2K! No more achy back pain for me and hubs. My only word of caution is that I do not know how long the foam will last before it becomes unsupportive. I'd recommend the Costco foam-bed-in-a-box, with the above disclaimer.