Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another "Hangover"

I'm so happy to be back in CHICAGO at this very moment!! It was quite a long, long day. This morning I got up extraordinarily early to go to the nursing home to meet with one of my grandma's doctors, who ended up being a worthpiece *****. Then ran some errands, cleaned up grandpa's house since it was my last day there, had some Panera's hazelnut coffee with a soy top-off. (How do people get up early without this stuff, seriously?!?!) A Green Monster would be have been incredible, but my spinach stash sadly was depleted by this point.

Gpa and I headed off to the nursing home to visit Gma, where I enjoyed another enormous bowl of homemade quac with some red pepper spears. My grandmother seemed surpised to find out that after having a couple bites, she actually enjoyed my "liberal hippie food", haha! So maybe vegetarians AREN'T aligned with Communists, after all...

Then I left my grandparents to enjoy their processed, tasteless nursing home food (ok, I make it sound pathetic but they enjoyed it, which is all that matters!) while I took their car to get a tire fixed.

I waited about an hour, but it actually wasn't too bad since I got to catch up with Lisa on the phone for a bit, and also read some of my new book - Natalia Rose's The Raw Detox Diet. After my hour wait, the nice guys at Discount Tire told me that there was no charge. What?!??! I'm still trying to figure out how these people make money... Indiana folk are just too darn nice for their own good :)

Then off to buy Gpa some groceries for the week, and picked up myself a couple cukes - I have big plans for these later this week - and a Lindt 70% dark chocolate bar..... !!!!!! :) !!!!!!!

Back to the nursing home for a bit, and then I went to catch my train back to Chicago. It was about 3 hours, and I was delighted to finish the book. It was very interesting, albeit perplexing at times.... I will be sure to talk more about the main points of the book once I start posting pix again.... I know I'm like the girl who cried wolf here but that should be tomorrow for sure!!

My sweet husband was nice enough to pick me up from the train stop, drove me home, and after I changed clothes, drove me across town to meet friends Clair and Vanessa for sushi. We found an awesome place in the West Loop - Butterfly Sushi - that was not only a BYOB, but the prices are INSANELY cheap. As in, an order of sushi for $4.00!!! To me this is almost as cheap as those gosh darn Indiana prices, haha. I got 2 California rolls because I always like them, and I wasn't in the mood to get something that may end up being spicey or too fried that I wouldn't enjoy as much. Vanessa supplied the BYOB wine, which was a Beringer muscat that was incredibly sweet but also very light and delicious! I loved the sushi, and even more I loved that Butterfly Sushi gives every table a complimentary dessert - a small cheesecake with fruit compote drizzle - to split! I would definitely recommend this place, and I would go back if it was just a bit closer. I DID take a picture, but the silly flash on my camera is busted so it's impossible to make out the pic. I am reaaaaaaaally craving that iPhone right about now...

Clair and I raved all through dinner about how hilarious The Hangover was, and V hadn't seen it, so we decided to see it after dinner. It was probably not quite as fabulously witty and hilarious the second time around, but part of this may have been that I'm exhausted from that loooooooong train ride and getting up early. I still loved it though! The picture roll at the end of the film is almost as funny as the rest of the movie, so make sure you don't skip out early, whatever you do!

I'm so enthused to sleep in tomorrow!!! The weather also looks great for a run - let's hope it stays that way! :) Goodnight!


  1. haha when i traveled to indiana, i was amazed about how inexpensive it was too!

    i haven't had sushi in forever. definitely need to change that.

  2. I'll have to tell my friends about that sushi place! Nice price! There is a sushi place by my office and no joke, it will cost $30-$50 for LUNCH! I never go with them, because of the price factor. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Great prices on that sushi place!
    You watched "The Hangover" twice? It must be that good. :)