Monday, June 29, 2009

Running through my childhood

Here's Mike and I with my grandparents a few years ago :) Hello! :)

Today will be a food picture-less day today... again, my apologies! I will be back at home with my trusty camera and laptop tomorrow!

Today I woke up a bit disoriented, until I realized where I was. I had spent the night in a teeny tiny, twin bed in my grandparent's house. It used to be my oldest uncle's room back in the day, and it still had all sorts of paraphernalia from the 50s and 60s... I found it slightly amusing to find an "I heart Nixon" pin in the drawer, since these days my uncle is a devout Democrat! ;)

I had a 1/2 pint of blueberries for breakfast, and then my grandpa and I headed over to visit my grandma in her nursing home for lunch. Well, my grandpa and grandma had the nursing home lunch, and let's just say I didn't feel like eating a 2" square of meat lasanga with a super small side dish of something unidentifiable. So, I brought a lunch with me - a HUGE salad made from spinach, slices of red peppers, and an enormous amount of guacamole. It was so good!!

My grandpa and I later toured a couple independent living and assisted living centers, which ended up dragging on, and my tummy was rumbling. Once we got home, I made a Green Monster with the only ingredients I had on hand - spinach, soy milk, and nectarines. I miss my Amazing Grass and bananas, but it was still good! The best part was freaking out my grandpa with my green smoothie! :) I was still hungry after this, so I had a few spoonfulls of PB straight, and then decided I should be a bit more civilized about it so I then had a plate of cut up red pepper spears with a ton more PB. ** It should be noted that I am in the process of transitioning myself to a raw diet (something I am TRYING, not necessarily going to do forever, don't freak out Dora!) More on this during a later post!

* We went back to see my grandma later that evening, and then once I got back I knew I needed to go for a run soon before it got dark. I ran my 3 miles, per my training schedule, and then walked home - probably about 20 minutes or so.

I had a lovely run - the weather was nice and breezy, and I ran along a pretty scenic path by a golf course and then along the St. Joseph river... saw some duckies chillin on a log... then ran through the riverside park where my grandma, sister, and cousins used to go to feed bread to the ducks. It totally brought me back to my childhood! Funny how that was literally our FAVORITE thing to do for years... better than putting your kids in front of a video game for hours.. but don't get me going on that tangent or I'll never get off of it ;)

Once I got back to gpa's house, I snacked on some cashews and I think I'm about to go have some strawberries, perhaps immersed in a bowl of soymilk. I also set up my first Marathon Monday posting to post itself automatically, but it hasn't shown up yet haha so I better go get that done. Check back for it soon, goodnight everyone! :)


  1. Hi Val,
    My parents are immigrants from Hong Kong and don't even have a high school degree! : -) I went to Penn H.S. but am totally familiar with Mishawaka High and the general Mishawaka downtown area.

    Nice to hear your recollections of the good ol' Riverside neighborhood.
    And I can bet you scared your gramps with that green monster. What did he think you were drinking? I'm sure both of your grandparents will miss you dearly when you return to the big city. Have a safe drive home - and watch out for officers ticketing on the toll road!

  2. It's always nice to see family photos. Thanks for this :)

  3. Glad you had such a nice run! Love the grandparents picture :-) I can't wait to hear more about your RAW transition! Its definately something I'm interested in, but I have yet to make the leap. Have a great day!!