Thursday, June 18, 2009

Operation Beautiful!

Hello readers! Please chect out Caitlin (HealthyTippingPoint)'s blog. She is trying to start a movement called "Operation Beautiful" to combat what she has dubbed "fat talk". I don't need to tell you all what fat talk is - we all do it!! Caitlin wants all women to start writing sticky notes with positive messages on them and to leave them both on their own mirrors, and in public bathrooms for all to see.

I LOVE this idea!! As a school social worker, I've done similar projects with some of my adolescent girls where we decorate locker mirrors with positive affirmations. I think the message Caitlin is trying to get across is a very important one, so I encourage you to visit her blog, and also to make an "Operation Beautiful" sticky note of your own! Let's make this big people!! Here is me with my own positive affirmation stickies :)


  1. I love your mirror signs. That's a great idea!

  2. I love your notes! It's awesome to be strong and encouraging to yourself and others. I can't wait until I complete my marathon and can have notes like yours :-P