Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 days til VEGASSSSS

Hi readers!

I will be in super hot (103 degrees!!) Las Vegas, NV on Saturday through Tuesday and I will be staying at the ever-so-lovely Monte Carlo hotel on the Vegas strip. Before I go, I was wondering:

1) How do you all indulge in the delicious, all-you-can-eat buffets without going overboard?

2) Do you have any advice about workouts that I can do in my hotel room? I would love to just go to the gym, but they charge an exorbitant amount every day (I think it's like $20 or more a day - yikes!) which means I will go to the gym maybe for one day, and maybe not at all. (I may bring something light and easy-to-pack like a resistance band, but nothing heavier like weights).

I normally wouldn't worry so much about exercise and diet while on vacay, but since I'm in the middle of the marathon training season, I don't want to get too far off-track. (And I KNOW from my week-long honeymoon how much I can get side-tracked in just a matter of a few short days!)

I can't wait to hear from all of you!! :-)


  1. Hi Val! Thanks for your sweet comment the other day. So glad you like my blog :-) My BF and I recently traveled for the weekend and I didn't have access to the gym. I tried to fit in a lot of short bursts of exercise whenever I had a few moments - walks, runs, push-ups, lunges, abs, etc. Every little bit adds up! Have fun on vacation!

  2. We'll get some exercise... between the laps we will be swimming in the pool and the arm workout you get from throwing dice, we'll need the buffets to stay well nourished.

  3. That's exciting your going to Vegas so soon. I was thinking about going later this summer but am in the midst of marathon training myself. I'd be interested in hearing how the facilities are at your hotel for training.

  4. I love doing yoga! You could also rent some exercise videos or borrow them from the library.

    When I'm on vacation I usually just try to walk as much as possible and I almost always end up losing weight actually.

  5. Yay for vacation! Silly question - are you going to try to squeeze a run in during vacation or just other types of exercise? I've got a 4th of July trip coming up and a 9 mile run scheduled and it's SO easy to say no to running while on vacay. Thoughts on skipping? Funny how I don't worry so much about the short runs ;)