Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vegas, Day 1!

Hi everyone!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend! It's nice to be back! :) Maybe it's because I'm still pretty new at this whole blogging thing, but the whole long weekend while I was out-of-state I was missing the blog world big time! I have a ton of pix from the last four days, so I will try to do a quick recap. Saturday morning here is me...
and some of Yaya's whole wheat pancakes and some (ok, lots!!) of coffee with soy milk. The plan was for us to leave my in-laws' house at 4am to get to O'Hare on time for take-off, but we got a call at 3am saying that the flight was delayed two hours. So, I got to sleep in more than I originally expected I would be able to, but coffee was still much-needed at this early hour!!

Here's Mike on the plane, studying up about how to take down the house!! ;)

The book that captivated me the whole vacation - it's a bit slow moving but highly interesting at the same time....it's a very motivating, true story about an American ER nurse who ends up dedicating his life, and every waking minute, to build schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I highly recommend it!
Ever since the first time I was on a plane - when I was 6 years old going to Disney World with my grandparents - I have always ordered tomato juice as my free drink of choice on an airplane. During this inaugural time, en route to Disney, I actually spilled it all over myself and luckily my grandma was understanding.... this time I was more cautious. No spills! (I also had an OJ during the second drink cart run, not pictured).
Bird's eye view over Nevada:Immediately after checking into the hotel, we of course made a beeline for the BUFFET!!!! Please give me props for at least attempting to eat healthy. I first loaded up my plate with salad, but to be honest it wasn't that great so I just had a few bites - the blue cheese dressing did not live up to my expectations.
Then, lots of Carbbbbbs (potatoes of every possible flavor you can imagine), olives, pasta salad, etc.
DESSERT!!! It should be noted for the record that while I did not finish the entire brownie, I DID go back for a large portion of seconds of the bread pudding which was topped with a fabulous butter pecan sauce!!

After some time in the pool, here is Mike and I at the Monte Carlo casino:

MORE dinner

Dessert (and again, you know I went back for seconds of the bread pudding!)

It was a gorgeous night!!! The weather Saturday night was nice and breezy and we had a great time walking around the Las Vegas strip.....


  1. Glad to hear you had a great time in Vegas! :D
    Bread pudding looks delish. :D

  2. Welcome Back! Looks like a lovely vacation with some amazing eats. I've only stayed at MGM and Circus Circus but want to try Monte Carlo based on your pics.

    On another note, is that a vintage Corelle plate I see in your pic? I just found the same pattern in saucers and teacups at the thrift store. I was lucky to get a set. Now, I'm on the lookout to add to my collection. In fact, I am still trying to convince my brother to visit the local thrift stores in Chicago to see if he can find them there. He lives in Bucktown and there are ton of vintage and thrift stores on Milwaukee. He hates going into them because they all reek with a funny smell. I don't disagree with him.

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  4. Looks like you had a blast... what food did you like the best?

  5. welcome back!!
    wow it seems like you had a blast!

  6. Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog. That is SO FUNNY about the tomato juice! I DO THAT TOO!!! I seriously get weird looks every time I order it and figure I'm the only one on the whole plane that asks for it. That book looks amazing. I'm kind of a bookworm ;-) I just read A thousand splendid suns (about Women in Afghanistan) and it was so powerful. I am adding your book to my list for sure!! Have a great day :-)

  7. Welcome back!! I love and hate buffets...I love them b/c of all the fun stuff to eat and I hate them because I can never decide what to get! Can't wait to see/hear more about your trip.