Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ketchup from Friday

Ok, tell me if I am the only one like this... when I was in elementary school, often teachers would talk about "playing ketchup" when we were behind in a subject and they wanted us to get caught up. Well, silly, hungry me, I was always disappointed when I found out they weren't talking about food! I guess I have been a foodie since Day 1 :)

So here is the "ketchup" from Friday:

Naturally I started off the morning right with a Green Monster. I used the Amazing Meal Wheatgrass, which was great, despite the fact that I am out of protein powder until my next shipment arrives :(

Then, I attended an all-day workshop at Erika's Lighthouse. There I got trained in the Red Flags program, which is a depression awareness program that is geared toward middle school students. Erika's Lighthouse was started a few years ago by the parents of a 14-year old girl who committed suicide. It's an awesome program, and I encourage you to learn more about it by going to their website at

At the training, we were generously given a full spread from Panera - thanks Peggy! :) I enjoyed a 1/2 Mediterranean sandwich, a kosher dill spear (my fave), and a bit of salad with Italian dressing. The Mediterranean sandwich was full of veggies and some cheese, and was so good that I am ashamed to say that I didn't even notice what kind of cheese it was since I gobbled it down so quickly! Unfortunately, though it only took me 40 minutes to get there during my morning commute, the ride home took almost 3 hours (stinkin Taste of Chicago traffic!!) Out of boredom, I snacked on this:
And then went to the mecca that we like to call WHOLE FOODS. I stocked up..... on delicious items such as dark choc PB, hummus, agave nectar, and more!

Here's what I used to marinate my salmon for Friday's dinner - sorry the pic is dark, it's Soyaki sauce from TJ:

We decided to slice up some sweet potatoes, threw them into a ziploc with some EVOO, lemon juice, salt, garlic, and oregano - shake em up and voila!
A view of the Grillmaster's grill (those are his burgers on the bottom right)
My plate.... I only ate one of these tuna steaks though, I was so full! The rest will make a tasty tuna salad later next week (I froze it)

Me showing off Mike's handiworkMike and his BEEF = a happy man!!!
What are your favorite things to grill? We are new at this and welcome your suggestions and recipes! :)
For dessert I was itching to try my new dark choc PB - although really I wasn't even hungry - but it looked so good!! I had some on Ezekiel cinnamon/raisin bread. It was indeed as good as it looked, in fact so much so that I may have gone back for a couple tablespoons straight out of the jar...
Alritey well I was all set to do Saturday morning's post but I have to head to Indiana for a wedding tonight. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :-)


  1. LOL - yes to the ketchup joke in school! I still remember it and it makes me chuckle. I hope I will be a funny teacher.

  2. I love grillin fruit - makes sweet stuff extra sweet!

  3. Corn grilled in their husks! I also love some grilled asparagus - I really just love any grilled veggies hehe