Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bikram Spinning class??

Wednesday's posting:

Hi guys! It's nice to get caught up on here - it's hard work posting from being on vacation because there are always way more pix than usual and more fun stuff going on - I don't know how Meghann did it when she was on vacation last week!!

The last four days were chock-full of delicious, indulgent food, which was fabulous. But while I enjoyed every sip and bite, eating food that is less "clean" eating that I am used to makes my stomach hurt after a while and I woke up feeling a bit nauseous this morning. I was sooo ready to get back to my normal eating plan, starting of course with a Green Monster!! I had one of these bad boys before going to the gym.

At the gym I took a spinning class, which was a bit tough but it felt great. However, it was sooooo much hotter than normal, hence the title of this post. I don't know if it was hot because we were all working harder than usual or because it is a freaking sauna in Chicago today?!? I also did some weights and some crunches.

(I didn't mention this yesterday, but yesterday was my "off" day. Even when training for a marathon, it's important to have at least one day of complete rest so that your body can recover!)

When I got back from the gym I was starved (my body is used to having already taken in like 3000 calories by this time of day thanks to Vegas!), so I heated this soup up that I had had in the freezer. I made it a couple weeks ago so I don't remember the exact proportions of the ingredients, but it is mostly carrots, chickpeas, and spices, blended with my immersion blender. I threw some whole wheat croutons on top, and it was really good! Goodies from Amazing Grass!!! I love everything they make!!! Today I attended a workshop by Dr. Bruce Perry, who is a nationally recognized neurologist who specializes in child trauma. It was a very informative lecture, but the whole time I was half thinking about what he was saying, and half planning dinner....
I had some Gimme Lean sausage that I wanted to use up, and I wanted to be creative with it. I don't like the texture by itself, so I wanted to do something different with it this time, so I made it into a type of sloppy joe with sauteed onion, tomato paste, spices (oregano, S and P), and a bit of Truvia to make it a bit sweet a la sloppy joe style. Then I wraped up dollops of this mixture into some crescent rolls, and baked them for 10 minutes. The result: A+!!!! Even though these were total vegetarian food, even Mike devoured them.
On the side, I made a zucchini gazpacho - basically a cold soup made with zuccini, tofu, some veggie broth, and spices. It too was really good, and I purposefully didn't eat the whole bowl so that I could save it for lunch tomorrow. It will be SO good on a hot day!

Snack: Another snack, which was not as good as the chocolate Superfood, but was still VERY good by both Mike and my standards
Last snack of the night: I threw this into the blender with some ice and a cup of soy milk, and it was VERY good. It had a great, fruity flavor. But because the texture was too icy, I decided to throw a banana in too, which made it even better. I can't wait to try the rest of my Amazing Grass products! Talk to you all soon! :)

** I also had a late night snack of 100 calorie chocolate-baked almonds!


  1. okay, i really need to finally make one of these green monsters! i also really want to try one of the amazing grass bars. they've been highly recommended by a lot of blog ladies!

  2. Hey- I love your blog! Lots of interesting information : ) I have to try one of those green monsters that everyone is talking about. That's my goal for next week! Check out my blog to see what I think