Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jay Robb discount!

Hi everyone! I will start off by saying that my meals today were anything but exciting. I definitely took in at least three (well two green and one blue, if you want to get technical), I can tell you that much. Mostly I just had leftovers since I'll be gone from Saturday until Tuesday and I wanted to use stuff up before we left. So, I will spare you the redundant pix since most everything you have seen before!

Today was the last day of my mandatory work training... woohoo!!!! Like I said before, it is going to be a good thing that I received the training - only a few of us got to do it - and I am thankful that I will be able to provide this great service to my students. But, today I was SO not in the mood to be at the workshop. I was quite sleep deprived, despite the fact that today is dia numero seis of my summer vacation yet I have only slept in once - what gives? So today was a bit of a blah day, both diet- and exercise-wise, please forgive me :)

Today was supposed to be a cross-training day, and my plan was to go to the gym to get some cardio and weight training in before I went to the yoga/pilates combo class, which I have never been to before. I also made an appointment to get an eyebrow waxing since they had a super cheap deal today (only $10, great for Chicago prices) - at the gym spa. Welllll turns out that they also had other great deals going on too!! I think it was member appreciation day or something. So, let's just say that I may or may not have gotten FOUR services today.....

* eyebrow waxing $10 (typically this costs me $15-18)

* polish change on hands $5 (full pedi is usually what, like $50+??)

* polish change on feet $5 (normally at LEAST $20)

* Mystic Tan $10

The last three services were definitely "impulse buys" but I figured you can't BEAT those kind of prices!! The Mystic Tan was definitely a last minute decision, but my reasoning is this: like a lot of girls, I'm not fond of wearing a bathing suit when I am pasty white, and while I am adamantly against tanning and laying out without sunscreen, if I am my usual pasty self I know I will be tempted to get some color when I am in Vegas. BUT by preemptively getting a Mystic Tan before I go, I will be able to kick this temptation in the a**.

I was very happy with all of my services! The eyebrow and nail technicians did a great job - one of them is in the middle of training for an OLYMPIC distance triathlon, good luck Mary! - and the Mystic Tan turned out nice. It's definitely not too dark, which I was worried about. You can get level 2 or 3 and I got 2... you will have to check out my pix from Vegas and be the judge about whether it looks good or not!

Sooooo after my spa services were paid for and I went to move my car - since the garage only lets you stay for two hours at a time - the mean parking garage Nazi yelled at me and told me I wasn't allowed to stay for more than my two hours each day. So, I returned home with no workout :(. Not one to get easily discouraged, I went downstairs to the gym in our building to fit in a quick workout, but only managed 20 minutes on the bike.... for some crazy reason it was 72 degrees in there, and I was swelteringly hot so I called it a day. Oh well, it happens!

When I got home from the gym, I found a large package waiting for me... it was from CARA!! (Chicago Area Runners Association). I had paid a decent amount of money to join CARA and for the marathon training program, and honestly I didn't realize I got anything for my money except the pleasure of training with good company. But, it was a nice surprise to find this lovely care package with one of Hal Higdon's books about training for the marathon, a great dry-fit top, a drawstring bag, a few samples (Clif Shots, deodorant, etc), and multiple fliers for upcoming athletic events across the country. Nice!

And last but not least, here is what you have all been waiting for... the discount code for Jay Robb protein powder products!! The code is BLOGJ9VG and can be used through July 1, 2009 for on-line or phone orders. For more information, call 1-877-529-7622. Everyone, this really is my favorite protein powder of all time. I have tried many brands, and it is the ONLY one that is not chalky, have a weird flavor, or a funny after-taste. The chocolate flavor is my personal favorite :) Enjoy!!!

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  1. Those are great prices no matter where you are! If you haven't tried yet, I'd recommend threading for your eyebrows. Should cost <$10 and last much longer than waxing. It feels weird at first, but it will grow on you. When I lived in Chicago, I went to the Devon area to an Indian beauty parlor for the threading, but I think it's become more mainstream now.

  2. Yay for a day of prettifying and last day of work training! :D Although those were "unplanned purchases", you definitely can't beat those prices.

  3. What a great package from Cara!! That is so great.