Friday, June 12, 2009

The first Thurday of blog week!

Yesterday was my "off" day - I badly wanted to get in some type of exercise - especially since I will be in Vegas in a week and this is not the time to be slacking on the workout front :) - but I realize the importance of giving my body a day to recuperate, and build muscle, and I had planned to exercise the new few days so Thursday was the only day that worked for the off day.

With the extra time on my hands, I got some of my work stuff organized - which has been cluttering up our second bedroom for months now!! Since I work at two different schools and don't have my own office at either one of them, I have seriously had to live out of my car during the past school year!! I have what seems like a gazillion bags of books, papers, games, etc, and I got a bit of that organized on Thursday.

Then, a good friend of ours from IU (Indiana University) is in town for a pharmacy internship, so he stopped by to see our new place. Mike and I wanted to show him some good South Loop food - but despite the fact that we typically love to try new places - we were so enthralled with the Thai food that we had just eaten the day before that we got it again!! This time we had it delivered... the quality was nearly as good as it was at the restaurant.

Well, this is primarily a running/anti-violence/social justice type blog, but I personally love reading "healthy lifestyle" blogs, so that's why I'm also delving a bit into my diet, etc, as well! Will I go so far as to post pictures of what I eat, like many of my favorite healthylifestylebloggers do? I don't know yet.... we will see how adept I become at operating my digital camera ;) which I don't use nearly as much I do. Also, when I read other blogs, I like the ones that also explore the details of their life, so I will do a bit of that here too. Basically, I'm just going to try to have fun with this and see where it goes! :)

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