Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, since this blog is going be largely focused on my experience training for my third marathon, I should start by talking about my first "marathon training run" of the year! Unfortunately, I have been a bit disappointed in myself and my lack of enthusiasm for this marathon, at least until recently.

When I ran my first and second marathons in 2007, I was BEYOND pumped and excited for them. Part of it was because it was so new to me - the first one, especially - and also because I had some great running partners - thanks, Jen and Jenny! - who were not only great friends from grad school, but also lived within mere blocks from me. This made our long runs convenient, and enjoyable. I remember my 20 miler with Jen - it was a Monday morning before we headed off to class for the day. Mondays mornings are no piece of cake for anyone, and I should have been miserable after running 20 miles, but running with Jen made the time fly as we had lots to chat about!

However, this year I am no longer back in Oak Park with Jen and Jenny. Instead, I'm a new home owner in Chicago's South Loop - which is a phenomenal place to live, except that I currently have no running buddies to speak of :( - or at least not in the area. So I have been a bit worried about my lackadaisical attitude this time around and trying to do what I can to get my enthusiasm back. (Because really, for those who know me, what would I have left if I lose my enthusiasm?!?)

Due to having "dormant" plantar fasciitis that I was plagued with during my first marathon training, I will only be having three runs per week - ideally with a day in between, to recover. I will be using Hal Higdon's Novice I program, even though I'm not exactly a "novice" per say, because my body does just fine on 3 runs per week, and because I think I am less prone to injury this way. (Hal Higdon is a famous runner who is originally from Chicago, so his training method is one that is frequently used for the Chicago Marathon course).

My first run took place this Thursday, and was 3 miles per the training schedule. I mapped out a quick 3 miler on - basically an out and back along Michigan Avenue. I love to run along Michigan Avenue! Growing up in the NW Indiana (close to Chicago), it was always such a exciting treat to go to downtown Chicago, so it is still pretty thrilling that I finally LIVE here! For some reason I am always energized by running by a lot of people - even in Oak Park I used to always love running down the Lake St. "thoroughfare" (as my husband would say). It's just refreshing to see people out and about.... except when there are too many tourists and they sometimes get in the way of my run!

Thursday's run wasn't as easy as a 3 miler should be, but I blame that on the fact that I had taken a few weeks off when I was sick. But overall it was a good run, and it helped knowing that the sooner I got back, the sooner Mike (husband) and I would be eating Thai food! We ended up finding a great place that's literally a stone's throw from our condo - that happens to have awesome pad thai for a mere $6!!!! Kinda crazy that you can get ANYTHING that cheap in Chicago!


  1. I think Hal Higdon was a cross country coach in Michigan City when i worked there. What are you doing on your non-running day. It might be a good day to work in some weight training and/or heavy ab workout or cross training on an elliptical or stair climber.

  2. Seriously?? Wow, you think you worked with him huh? He's pretty famous... well, amongst the running community that is :)

    Don't worry, I'm getting my cross-training in! Tomorrow will be one of those days... check back to find out more!