Friday, June 19, 2009

7 miles + info about the Healthy Living Summit

Today there was a bit of a change of plans. Originally, my mom and (maternal) grandmother were going to take the train from NW Indiana to meet me for a day in Chicago. However, my (paternal) grandmother is still in the hospital, so my mom is going to spend the weekend with my grandparents in Mishawaka, IN. (My grandmother has been in and out over the past two days, but recently she has been doing a lot better - and hopefully she will continue to do so!!)

This week, the long run is supposed to be 7 miles, and I was kinda frustrated that I was going to miss doing the long run with the CARA team since I will be in Vegas... just because long runs are SO much easier with a large group! I was also super nervous because the weather forecast for today was for a torrential downpour, thunder, and lightning all day, plus hot temps. Yuck! And I knew there was no way that I would be able to run 7 miles on a treadmill... I am way too antsy to stay put in one place for that long!

Thankfully, when I woke up this morning, the sun was shining brightly!! I wanted to get out the door before it got too hot, so I had some coffee with soy milk (still haven't gotten caught up on my sleep yet!) and quickly headed out.

It was definitely a hot one!!! The first 4-5 miles it was super, super muggy outside. I felt especially sticky today, and I think it was partially due to the spray tan I got last night (which I love, by the way - the color is just right!) and the fact that I doused myself with sunscreen spray before I left. I was happy to find that a breeze finally started to kick in during the later part of my run, and so did my endorphins! Overall, it was an awesome run!!! This was only the second or third time I have ran that far this season, so I was proud of myself! I think it helped that I purposely tried to make myself run a bit slower than I normally would - which was probably a good idea since it was so humid outside. I was just glad that it wasn't a thunderstorm - now that I'm home the sky is getting VERY dark and formidable so I think I made it just in time!

It's so nice to know that my long run is out of the way for the weekend, so now I can go and enjoy Vegas knowing that my longest workout is behind me! I'm hoping to squeeze in at least one good workout while I am there, but who knows. In my family, even while on vacation, fitness is always a priority - at least for my dad and I - we are always trying to find the closest gym to utilize while on vacay! But Mike always thinks I'm nuts for doing this, so I'm sure there will be times when he convinces me to forgo the gym for the free drinks at the casino ;)

FYI: Find out more info about the Healthy Living Summit, which was created by some of my all-time fave bloggers (Jenna, Kath, Tina, Meghann, Heather, and Caitlin) by clicking here!

Last but not least: I would like to start doing some posts about marathon training, and everything that goes into it: training plans, pre- and post-race fueling, music, the works! Now my masters was in social work NOT exercise science, so don't take my word as gospel, but I HAVE read an abundance of books, magazines, and articles about all things running, so I will be sharing the info I have gathered through these resources as well as my own thoughts on these topics.

Question of the day:
What running-related topics would YOU like to see me talk more about during my "Marathon Monday" series?


  1. i totally agree with you - I can run so much further outside than on a treadmill that goes no where...

  2. I'll love anything you post!!

    Your 7-miler sounds lovely :)

    I hope your grandmother continues to do better!!

  3. So glad your run went well! Having the long run out of the way must feel awesome! I'd love to see your marathon posts. Perhaps you could talk a little about speed work and different types of x-training?

    Have fun in VEGAS!

  4. Good job on your run! And thanks for the lovely comments. :D
    I'll read anything about running. I learn a lot from all of you. Looking forward to seeing your marathon posts.
    Have a great time in Vegas!

  5. Awesome job on braving the gross weather! Can't wait to read your marathon posts...especially any cross training/strength training ideas. Those are the ones I ALWAYS struggle with.