Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Foam roller = best friend

Good morning!

Today I was up extra early as we are getting our ceiling fans/lights installed, so I made Mike an omelet with vegetarian bacon, goat cheese, and salsa.

While I snacked on some watermelon... although I feel my stomach rumbling for something more filling and I'm sure I'll be off to the kitchen soon!

After a brutal sculpting class at the gym yesterday, I woke up EXTREMELY sore. I'm talkin, more sore than I am after 10 miles run (surprisingly I'm never sore after runs these days, but I'm sure that will change once we start increasing our mileage!)
If you are a runner and you have never used a foam roller, I highly encourage you to get one. They are more expensive than they should be for being made of foam ($30 or so), but trust me, it is worth every penny!!!! I can hardly walk around the condo, and I have basically no feeling (besides pain) between my knees and my waist. I honestly never used to believe in glute muscles since I was never sore there haha, but apparently they DO exist and mine are achin' right now!
I recently mentioned to my friend Susan that I was trying to decide on what color scheme to go with for my blog when I re-do my template. I asked her because she is by far the craftiest person I know and is great at this kind of thing.
Susan was SO sweet and sent me these color samples! Thanks Susan!! :) (In the background are some of her homemade cards that I wanted to show off because I think she is super talented!)
Do you have any suggestions for color schemes for my new header? I'd love to hear any ideas! :)


  1. p.s. I added you to my googlereader & blogroll so I can keep up with your posts! Sorry I haven't been able to as often the past couple weeks. I've been busy working!! Your blog is great though!!

  2. OH!! I commented before that comment (hence the p.s. but it didn't show up lol!) I said let's be sore together because I am sore from my workout yesterday. My first sculpting, pilates, and step classes made me incredibly sore as well!!

  3. i love the watermelon in the cocktail glass. so fancy!

  4. i l.o.v.e the foam roller. I finally broke down and got one and while I am not the most routine roller, I really feel it working! (or at least that is how I justify the pain.. .:-))

  5. Hey!! In response to your question on my post- I put my chocolate in the fridge, so it's harder to eat and takes longer!! I am satisfied with one block because I treat it like hard candy and make it last for like 5 minutes lol!

  6. I've never used a foam roller! My legs haven't really been that sore lately (thank goodness) and as for your layout, you should use whatever colors your heart desires!!

  7. I've never used a foam roller and I actually had to google how to use one! :D It does offer a lot of benefits. One can also gain similar results from a sports massage without the cost. Cool.

  8. ooh! bacon with goat cheese in omelet! my fav combo!

  9. thank you for the reminder - i need to go foam roll right now :)