Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I feel like a rabbit

Seriously, after having about 10 things to eat AFTER getting home from the concert last night and waking up still in a food coma, today my body must be readjusting itself to maintain its natural homeostasis - or some jazz like that - because I had the tiniest appetite today, and when I ate, all I wanted was veggies!

Hence, me feeling like a rabbit - hopefully my father-in-law won't come after me with a shotgun ;)

I worked out immediately after getting up - I was in no mood for any breakfast. I went to my third spinning class in the last four days!!!

For me this is pretty wild since I previously loathed spinning with a passion. I'm starting to become a masochist I suspect, because I just love that spinning class pain! Bring it on!!

I was going to do legs for a bit after class, but since I have been doing SO much spinning recently - and because I never stretch myself out good enough after doing strength training like I should - I skipped this since I didn't want to become too sore before tomorrow's run.

By the time I got home, it was lunchtime. I broke out this bad boy....

Having found Gena's guest feature in Zesty Cook's e-newsletter, I was inspired to try her soup recipe immediately!!! It was for a carrot-avocado-ginger bisque. I loved it - the flavor was very reminiscent of sushi. I made 2 1/2 cups of fresh carrot juice with Cornelius (Mike's pet name for the juicer), and made a bit more to drink plain - I love carrot juice!

Great recipe, Gena!!! I literally made this recipe THE SECOND after I read it because I know how awesome she is and I had complete confidence that it would rock!
Most of my day was spent dealing with super friendly government workers! It was a blast!! Haha actually I'm not being sarcastic, luckily at the DMV I got to chat it up with a super sweet employee which made the multi-hours long wait a bit more bearable. (Love those friendly Hoosiers!)
I was a bit sad to bid adeiu to my voting privileges in my prior homestate of Indiana. Since I had an IN license until today, I definitely voted there illegally during the 2009 Presidential election... don't tell ;) Now that I've been living in IL for a good 3+ years now though, I guess it's time I start to drive and vote as an Illinoisian.
Here is Marathon Val as an Illinoisian for the first time:

Ran some more errands, lib, etc - back at home, still no appetite. Soooo not like me. Once I got slightly hungry, I had a bit of the carrot pulp (leftover from the juicer) topped with soy sauce and some spices (unpictured). Then I made a mush of 2 homemade frozen nectarine-pineapple popsicles blended with a ripe banana - weird combo, I know...
Dinner was FAH-bulous!!! Leftover sunburgers from last night topped with tomato and avocado, with a side salad of 'mato and parsley. Damn those sunburgers are delicious. If anyone knows where I can buy sunflower seeds in bulk, I will make those things every day!

Dessert was a chocolately drink (almond milk, stevia, cocoa powder, xanthum gum to thicken) - I got the idea for xanthum gum from Sarah. It definitely helps to thicken it up, but I think I used too much because my blender failed to mix it up thoroughly and there were some gummy chunks - yuck. I threw most of it out - it makes me feel sad to treat chocolate like that :( but it had to be done.
I capped off the night by enjoying a few squares of Lindt dark chocolate.

Don't forget guys, the Holey Donuts giveaway ends tonight at midnight! Enter before it's too late! :)
I would love to hear your favorite juicer recipes (for the juice or the pulp)! Care to share?


  1. i disliked the first spinning class i went to too! not because of the pain in my legs but the pain in my butt! those seats are not so friendly on my boney butt!

  2. Looks like Cornelius will be working hard for you from today on. :P Way to go for rocking those spinning classes!

  3. haha whenever I have a crappy weekend of eating my body craves those veggies like mad too!