Friday, July 10, 2009

I need your help!

Recapping from tonight's meal, Mike grilled me some fabulous salmon that I got pre-marinated from Costco. I typically would rather make my own marinate, but.... it was just so gosh-darn cheap that I fell into Costco's trap.

Before our meal, I asked Mike if he wanted to try an Amazing Grass wheatgrass shot, which he has never tried before. He said yes - "but put it in liquor instead of water" - ummmmm ok, if you say so!?!? So, I mixed mine up with water (stilly nasty as hell but healthy as hell too, so it balances out), and I mixed his with some Malibu rum and a bit of Blue Caracao. He still thought it tasted quite foul. I found this to be incredibly amusing.... has anyone else tried to mix wheatgrass with alcohol??? Haha I feel like this may have been a first ;)

On another note ~
I am turning to you, my wonderful readers, because I know you all are so sweet and will give me great advice. I need a haircut!!! I used to complain that my hair didn't grow fast enough/long enough, but after letting it grow out for the wedding, all of a sudden it is SO LONG!!! Honestly, it's getting disgusting - split ends, the works - and I'm SO sick of it. It is quite a few inches longer than it is in these pictures... the pix above are from one of my wedding showers, which took place last August! I'm with Mike, my mom, and my sister. My highlights are also gone - I recently died my hair darker (I hope to my natural shade) in order to have less high-mainetenance hair.

I desperately need a cut, but I can't decide how short to go, or what style. I am trying to decide what "face shape" I have.

* According to Marie Claire, if you have a square-shaped face, you should try to "soften the edges" by avoiding sharp cuts, like angled bobs and blunt bangs - and any length can work well.

* They say if you have an oval-shaped face, you have the most "versatile" face and can wear most lengths well, but that if you have an especially long face then a chin-length cut would help to make the face look less long. Also, if you have a long face it is recommended that you try parting your hair on the side.

* Marie Claire says that if you have a round face, you should avoid very short cuts that simply draw attention to the roundness. Go for choppy bangs and face-framing layers, instead!

Hmmm.... if only I could figure out what my face shape is... I think probably oval, but it is a bit heart-shaped too (which wasn't mentioned in the Marie Claire article, but I've seen this before).

I would love some tips on how short to get my hair cut, and what style to go with! Thanks guys! :)


  1. i would totally love to help but i can't figure out my face shape either! i'm either square or round...i do know that long layers look good on most people. i need a haircut reallllly bad too, but my appointment isn't for 5 more weeks. i predict that i'll be sporting a lot of ponytails between now and then!

  2. Face shapes are tough! I can't pick which category I'd put you in! But I love your hair in the cut above. Maybe a stylist can help you choose? Good luck with whatever you go with!

    LOL- wheatgrass and alcohol- I think you were the first!

  3. you should visit and ask for help!

  4. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog and I really like it! You are beautiful by the way!

    I'm getting a haircut on Tuesday and I have no idea what haircut to get either! I've never been able to figure out what my face shape is.. hm..

  5. mm the salmon dinner sounds like it will be a hit!
    I can't wait to see the new do!

  6. Hey Val,

    I love your blog! I saw that you commented on mine ( and we have so much in common. I actually used to have super long hair, and used Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon for inspiration on short haircuts. I especially enjoyed Meg Ryans short hair cut, that I found through Google.

    I see that you're training for a marathon! I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2007 and it was such an amazing experience. If you need any tips let me know (

    Having Lived in Chicago, I can not express to you how good Think! Restaurant is. If you guys havent been you need to try it! Its the best BYOB around town. Kind of pricey but well worth it

    Happy Saturday, and can't wait to read more!!


  7. After looking your face, you're definetly a heart shape (I only think so because I am one, and have a very similar shaped face) as a result, you can really get any hair cut and it's flattering!

    Lucky girl!!

  8. Don't cut your hair! Just put it up when you run.