Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pain in the a**

Good morning! :)

I woke up riiiiiiiiiidiculously sore. I cannot BELIEVE that Tuesday's sculpting class was that tough!!!! My legs are sore but oddly enough it's mostly my, ahem, butt that is feelin it. Like I said before, I truly never knew that I had muscles there until this week!!!

Running 6 miles yesterday probably didn't exactly help to promote healing, so while I am itching to work out, I'm going to take today off. I want to hit up spinning class tomorrow, and I need to be pain-free for my 12 miler on Saturday! So today I'll just do a few pushups and crunches here and there perhaps, but not much else.


I wanted to share with you a great article that my mom sent me this morning from the Chicago Tribune - you can read the article here. I tried to copy a passage from the article but I guess it is copywright protected or something and wouldn't let me do so. Basically, it tells a story of a teen mom who went into the gang life but was offered rehabilitation from Ceasefire, turned her life around, and is now getting ready to attend college!

I love to hear stories like that, but from my experience as a school social worker I already knew about the great work Ceasefire does, and I have seen it with my own eyes.

Please, please consider making a donation on behalf of the children of Chicago. These children deserve the right to be able to walk to school or play in their neighborhood without facing gang violence..... and Ceasefire is a program that can help.

Even if it's just a few dollars, ANYTHING would be appreciated!!! Ceasefire is the charity that I am trying to fundraise for through my marathon training, and it would mean so much to me if you are able to send a donation their way. If you are interested, see the left side of my blog's homepage where it talks about how you can easily and quickly make a donation. Don't forget you will get a shout-out on here thanking you, and a link to your blog if you are a blogger ;)

If you have any questions about Ceasefire or are having any problems making a donation, please let me know! Thank you!


  1. I'm extremely sore from my pilates class last night!! Again, we're sore together!! YAY

    This completely irrelevant to your post but I want to go to Chicago so bad!! I was watching the travel channel a couple weeks ago and it was talking about this hot dog place in Chicago where the people who work there just yell at you!! I want to go just for the yelling (not the hot dogs!!) haha My boyfriend was flying back to NY from Chicago a couple months ago and his flight was overbooked so he volunteered to take the next morning's flight. The airline put him up in a HILTON Suite for the night, gave him a $15 gift card to eat, and gave him a free ticket to fly anywhere round trip!! I told him we should go back to Chicago!

    And that's my random story of the day!

  2. I always get that sore after yoga!! Sounds like a killer class!