Thursday, July 16, 2009

Patience, my friends!

I know my blog template is looking pretty haphazard these days - it is a work in progress! :)

I'm currently designing a new header and a couple other fun things, with the help of ZestyCook. I'm not very artsy or creative at this type of thing though - any suggestions for color, style, pictures, etc???

Today was a 5 miler. It was a bit warm for my liking, but I tried to psych myself up by thinking that the too-hot weather was simply preparing me for the chance that the marathon may be a warm day! This helped a bit :)

Breakfast was this, times 2.... I also finished off my potato salad, er I mean my yummy raw vegan cauliflower with creamy caper sauce :) It was just about 1/2 c. though, not worth a pic.
Are you sick of avocado salads yet??? I hope not.... I am seriously in a rut here. I need to replenish my supply soon... this salad was fabulously tasty (avocado, greens, homemade dressing) but not very exciting because I sliced my thumb open during the prep time soooooo I did not feel like continuing to cut up more veggies after that!

Snack time!!! I wanted to do a side-by-side product comparison :) Both products are 70% cocoa, and similar ingredients, except the Lindt bar is made with real sugar vs. Newman's Own Organics uses organic cane sugar.
The sugar stats are way higher for the NOO, and as a result this bar definitely tasted sweeter! I prefer the thickness of the NOO bar (the Lindt is very thin), and I do like that it was slightly sweeter.
However, I am more apt to binge on the whole bar ;) when it is sweeter - thus, I am more likely to want to buy the Lindt over the NOO because I LIKE being able to stop after 2 (or 4) squares, versus inhaling the entire bar.
Ok guys, I have a baby bok choy hiding out in my fridge and I'm not sure what I feel like doing with it. I love to experiment with new veggies, but surprisingly I've NEVER cooked with bok choy!
I'd love to hear about your fave bok choy recipes!!


  1. the only thing i do with bok choy is stir fry it. my mom used to stuff it into soups too....

  2. I bet your husband could go for a stir fry... good idea Actors Diet

  3. Yeah, stir fry with tofu and loads of other veggies. I could spend an entire day making dark chocolate comparisons. Ha! :P

  4. Bok choy and garlic in olive oil, easy and delicious!
    How did you get that Foodbuz advert on your sidebar? I am trying to slooooowly work on my blog too :)

  5. It sounded like you and your sister had a good time together. I also like your Val and Mike day events. Cool!

  6. You should apply to go on "Check Please" on WYIN.