Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm scared of Twitter!!!

Hi friends!

After eating too much bad-stomachache-inducing, nonvegan food yesterday, I woke up still feeling sick.

BUT, I knew just the thing to get myself feeling back to normal - banana soft serve!!! I used two bananas which took forever in my teeny little mini-FP, but boy was it worth it :-) Today's training plan called for a 3 miler, which I knocked out despite the super high humidity. I had big plans to run to the gym to do a sculpting class, but I was dripping with sweat in a big, bad way and I needed to cool off a bit so I just walked home, which about 20-25 minutes.
I bought a purple cabbage last week with hopes of making coleslaw, and I finally got around to it today! This is how I did it:
- one head of cabbage, chopped
- 4 carrots, grated (I used my mini-FP but you could use a hand grater, too)
- vinegar (I used what i had on hand - part red wine vinegar and part balsamic)
- dijon mustard
- a splash of agave and a splash of real maple syrup
- Nu Naturals stevia liquid (love this stuff!!)
- salt and pepper

This ended up tasting awesome!! I loved it so much that I couldn't even be bothered to throw some in a proper serving bowl, I've been eating out of the mixing bowl all morning!
I think I may go have some of this in a moment... leftover carrot/lemon/apple/celery/grapefruit juice that I made last night - it's been chillaxin in the fridge since then :)

Ok guys, I am not happy about this, but yesterday I reluctantly joined Twitter. You can follow me here - but if you do, please understand that I may never actually "tweet" (?) - or at least not frequently - because I'm sincerely worried that I will get sucked into the abyss of Twitter and that it will become all-consuming, like Facebook was at one time, and much like the iron grip that the blogosphere currently has on me!
I've heard good things, but to me it doesn't seem convenient to update your twitter unless you have a wireless internet phone -otherwise you have to go to the website, etc......and it just seems so time-intensive to have to look up people you want to follow, read their tweets, tweet your OWN tweets, YIKES my brain is spinning just thinking about it!! I know there are things like "twitter deck" or whatever it's called but frankly I just don't know if it's worth the time....
Readers, iss there an easy way to be on Twitter without getting stressed about it? Any advice for a newbie Twitterer?
I'm crossing my fingers that we have nice weather tonight since Mike and I had planned to go to Movies in the Park to see a free showing of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - hope you all have a great day! :)


  1. You must download TweetDeck! It keeps everything up to date for you and is a desktop app. Google it. Your life will change forever.

  2. i hear you on the tiny FP. i have one of those myself! it barely fits in one banana!

  3. There is no way I'm going near Twitter!! I don't want to get caught up in the social networking thing either, haha. Blogging (to me) is different :) Oh and to answer your question, I know a few of the yoga poses to do well enough on my own, but if I want a serious session I pop in my yoga DVD (for beginners) after having this for several years, I think I should upgrade soon!!

  4. I'm following you!! I don't use twitter that much either. I agree, it would be easier if you had a blackberry or iphone and I honestly just don't see the point in it. I like FB better!

    I'll find you and add you on FB!!