Friday, July 24, 2009

Rooftop fun

Hi everyone!

Today I got up super early - 6:15 (ok, that would be normal during work but this is my summer break yo) which was a bit painful.

I did an hour of spinning class, which was good and hard! I loved it, but didn't push myself quite as much as I usually do since I've been so sore the last couple days and I want to feel my best for my 12 miler tomorrow!

I wanted to do more cardio after class, but I reminded myself that an extra 20 or 30 minutes today won't be worth it if I am stiff during my long run tomorrow.

Once I got back, I was really hungry for a MEAL - something savory - but I also hadn't maken a juice in a couple days, so I broke out Cornelius.

This morning's juice was comrised of 3 stalks celery, 1/2 lemon, an orange, a small handful of spinach (I would have used more but we go through spinach VERY fast in our household and I want to 1 lb. box to last a few days!), and a plum.
This juice was really good! It was slightly too tart - probably due to having a lemon AND orange - but it was super refreshing. I swear I almost get a bit of a buzz after drinking a glass of freshly made juice. Are you sure there is no caffeine in celery???

I also snacked on 2 kiwis. I have never had a golden kiwi before, and found that the flavor was a bit less sweet than regular kiwis but still very good. I was just saying the other day how I probably haven't bought a kiwi in over a year -I LOVE them, but they are not the cheapest fruits out there, and I always feel like I waste half the darn fruit when I peel the skin.

Many of you who read Meghann's blog have probably seen her eat kiwis without peeling them..... I've seen her do this a few times and have been skeptical, but I finally tried it today. Let's just say that I will never go back to peeling my kiwis!! The skin dind't bother me at all, and it was immensely easier and less wasteful this way.

I'm going to have a light lunch and then I'm going to take the El to meet Mike, Anthony and Robyn at a Cubbies ROOFTOP event!! I have been to many 'a Cubs game in my day, but I have never been to a rooftop game. These are coveted spots, and Mike was lucky enough to get this opportunity through some of his work clients.
I'm very excited for a fun day - hope it doesn't rain on us! ;)


  1. Oh the golden kiwi looks so good! Same with your green monster :)

  2. I love kiwi skin! It's so good for ya too :)

    And thanks so much for the compliment on my last post. Yeah I paint my nails myself.

    You're so sweet!!

  3. I love adding kiwi to my smoothie with the skin on, but I haven't tried just eating it sliced w/skin. Maybe I will be brave next time :-)

  4. next time i see a kiwi - it's getting its skin eaten!!!

  5. I haven't been back to spinning yet :-(!! I'll have to try it again! We can be blogger spinning buddies!

  6. I didn't even KNOW there were such things as golden kiwis, haha. Hope you have some rooftop fun! Great job at spinning class :)