Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's.....

The Breville Multi-Speed Juice Fountain!!!

This hunking piece of equipment was brought to you courtesy of my in-laws. I finally broke it in today - yay!!!! I still can't believe i own such a fancy schmancy kitchen tool.

My juice is unpictured because my camera went on the fritz, and then became unfritzed (?) again later in the day.

Sadly, my first juice was ruined by the fact that I threw in like 5 handfuls of turnip greens, which I hate. Bad choice!! It also included an apple, 4 carrots, and 2 stalks of celery. I also wanted to mention the Newman's Own Organics cookies that my MIL LOVED yesterday.. she kept saying "I can't believe these taste as good as the "regular" (non-organic) kind!!"
These I sampled a few days ago when I was W.O.C. (without camera) - very satisfactory - I also tried the "cheesey" flavor (unpictured) which was probably my favorite so far! If you can make me something that is vegan yet tastes like cheese, I will be so unbelievably happy you won't know what to do with me.

For a post-workout snack, I tried my first veggie "pulp" snack. I had no clue what to do with it but, craving sushi, I poured a bit of soy sauce on top, plus some garlic powder, cumin, and a bit of stevia extract. Good stuff!!! However, it was very flavorful, prob from the soy sauce flavors, so I followed it up with...

A nectarine/pineapple homemade popsicle! Sadly, this rocked while in "batter" form, but it wasn't that flavorful as a popsicle, so I joined it with...

This guy - blended them together in the mini FP with some stevia extract and cinnamon. Yummo! Love that babyfood ;)
I was STILL hungry (that workout must have been harder than it seemed!!) so I sampled my second flavor of Larabar. It was very good! I think I need to work out a more stringent review system, 1-5 "stars", etc , because I feel like I am always saying that I "like" products. I would prob give this guy a 3/5 stars - very good, but tastes like something I could easily have made myself, which is why it didn't get higher ratings.

STILL with a huge appetite (damn that class, it must have kicked my ass!), I had about 3 of these........ fabulous raw and vegan Almond Joy cookies. Yes, I am super proud of the fact that these guys are raw and HEALTHY, meaning no processed garbage, no dairy products, etc. I love that!For tonight's outdoor concert - the Beach Boys at Ravinia - I planned to bring a great deal of "regular" food for Mike (grilled hot dogs, potato salad, etc) and also some healthy, fab raw food for me. I made a cauliflower "potato salad" which was surprisingly awesome. It was made from a cashew cream caper sauce and was soooooooooooo good that even Mike downed quite a bit of it!
After a large amount of snacking during the afternoon hours, I was craving a ton of tea:
The other dish I made for the concert was some raw, vegan "veggie burgers". SO. Freaking. GOOOODDDDDDDDDD.!!!!!!
Especially topped with some slices of fresh tomato and avocado.
I will post some pix tomorrow from the concert. Hope everyone had a lovely evening - goodnight! :)


  1. i was just thinking i need to get me some newman cookies....

  2. what a fancy looking juicer :D
    love love love the larabar!!

  3. All of your food looks very yummy!! Hope you had fun at the Beach Boys concert :)

  4. interesting lara...congrats on the new juicer! that's so awesome. i've never used one before!