Friday, July 17, 2009

And now I need to wash my eyes out with Clorox

Yesterday: mid afternoon snack of Amazing Grass wheatgrass....... still gross but it's growing on me!

New rating scale: Cashew cookie flavor merits an A!!!! This was SOOO awesome that....

I later had another larabar!!! This guy got a B+ - pretty good, but a bit of a weird, artificial aftertaste

Dinner was the Grand Lux Cafe with Lisa, Susan and MOlly - pictures to come later hopefully! It was great to meet up with everyone :)

I had an awesome Manhattan Salad with seared tuna - basically it was a lot of great veggies such as beets, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc. The beets definitely made the salad!

After dinner, three of us continued on to the movie theatre and saw THE most crude movie in the history of America. Yes, there were parts that cracked me up, but 80% of this movie was incredibly crude, raunchy, and very, very offensive!!!! I truly felt like I was watching a porn. I was amazed that you can see a movie like that in a theatre...........

Should have seen The Proposal like we wanted to, haha. Lisa and I walked 2.5 miles back to my condo from the theatre where she had a sleepover with me and Mike before headed to Indiana this am, and I munched on a NOO dark chocolate wonder - here are the nutritional stats for ya.

I'm off to a work training today - have a great day everyone! :)


  1. do you like grand lux cafe? i don't really but i had a verrrrry bad service experience there when i went. i'm too loyal to the cheesecake factory too!

  2. Cashew cookie is BY FAR my fav kind of Larabar.

    I got my book in the mail today! Stay tuned for updates! Thanks, btw, for giving me some links to the websites!

  3. I'm thinking I might NOT see Bruno after hearing everyone say it is so crude. I don't know... :)

    I suddenly really want a Larabar! I love the Cashew Cookie flavor!

  4. I WOULD NOT like Bruno..I didn't like Borat and so Bruno would just offend me too. The cashew cookie flavor had a very weird taste to me, but that just may be cos I'm not a huge fan of nuts?? Oh and your paragraphs are looking great in this post :)

  5. ha - yup bruno was very over-the-top but i do find myself chuckling still....

  6. I just bought that Lara Bar today. I'm excited to try it! I think I still want to go see Bruno though :-P

  7. I felt like Bruno was just Borat 2 with more genitals.... Love the dark chocolate, now I have to go get some!