Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Homemade sushi, anyone?

Hi guys!

Today I started off the morning with a DELICOUS green juice. As you may recall, the last time I made juice it turned out great but that's because it was just plain carrot juice :)..... and before that I completely ruined the juice by adding a ton of turnip greens.

So, it was nice to make a good one today! I modified Sarah's recipe that she recommended, which involved a handful or Romaine, a couple stalks of celery, 1 1/2 apples, and a 1/2 lemon.

This was super light and refreshing and was just what I needed before heading off to the gym!

This morning I did 15 minutes stairmaster, 15 minutes reclining bike, and then attended a sculpting class. It was QUITE the workout!!!! It was a "guest" instructor from another gym location, and she kicked everyone's butt pretty hard today. It was one of those classes where I was half tempted to leave partway through, but I refuse to let myself do that so I am proud to say that I stuck with it!

Back at home I munched on some watermelon while I was in the process of cutting up the huge watermelon that we had in the fridge. I know that putting watermelon into the fridge reduces its lycopene content, but we had already cut into it so I had it storing in there. It also tastes much better cold as we all know :)

I snacked on a bit of the pulp from my juice.......... sometimes this is good, sometimes it sucks. Today, it was not so good. I had put a bit of soy sauce and ginger on it, but threw most of it away.

Planning on making Gena's carrot-bisque soup and sushi recipe tonight for dinner, I made the soup earlier today which was my lunch. LOVE this recipe!!! It is extremely flavorful, creamy, and very easy to make. Having Cornelius the juicer helps with this ;) but you could easily use bottled carrot juice, as well.

While reading some blogs later in the afternoon, I happened to catch a bit of "Wife Swap" on tv... out of mere desperation since there is not much on in the middle of the afternoon! I was highly amused to find that one of the wives ate a high-raw diet, and wouldn't you know, she was also portrayed as the strict, super uptight mom who loved rules and didn't know how to have fun!

I hope that viewers don't take this woman as the embodiment of the raw food movement. The lady on "Wife Swap" aside, every single other raw foodist I know is full of vitality and personality!

Annoyed with tv, I took my current read - Jodi Piccoult's newest - out to the patio. It was actually kinda cold so I eventually came inside with the desire to bake! I found a recipe for "raw chocolate coveried cherries" made from raw almond butter, cocoa powder, agave, and dried cherries.
I didn't exactly follow the directions to at T, so maybe that's why the recipe didn't impress me much. I ended up throwing a bit of the mixture into some almond milk with ice to try to make a smoothie out of it, but my lame-o blender was incapable of blending the cherries, so now I have a bowlful of this "stuff" sitting in my fridge. Any ideas what to do with it?
Dinner was so much fun to make! I had never even contemplated making sushi before, assuming that it was uber-difficult. However, Gena's recipe completely inspired me and I have to say it was very easy to make!

Dark choc for dessert, per usual. Night everyone!


  1. Making sushi at home is so much fun! It's even more fun when you make it a sushi rolling party :)

    I'm doing the lazy lady version of sushi later on this week - sushi in a bowl hehe. We'll see how this turns out. I have all the ingredients for a spicy california roll, deconstructed in a bowl :)

  2. I've gone to a sculpting class and plan to go back. I know what you mean about wanting to leave though! Those lunges really hurt after a while!!

    I love watermelon!! I always put mine in the fridge!

  3. oatmeal topping maybe? or spread it on some pretzels?

  4. Yum, those sushi looks great!
    I snack on the seaweed wraps whenever I have salty food craving. Haha.

  5. Sculpting class are definitely tough! There's this one at my gym called SHRED and it makes me want to cry sometimes. But in a good way I guess? Your homemade sushi looks delish!

  6. *gasp* your homemade sushi looks so good :)

  7. Hey Val,

    Thanks for your comment. Pilates is wonderful. I would like to add you to my bloglist, if that's ok.