Thursday, July 30, 2009

Runners do the darndest things!

So I had an interesting run today. I love running in the city for so many reasons, and one of them is for the people-watching!

Today I saw this..........

It was my first time seeing a running dress!!! I searched high and low on the internet to find out WHY one would wear something like this and I couldn't really find any reasons - I assume comfort or style? But the woman I saw was wearing the dress OVER shorts, which doesn't make any sense to me. Plus it was in a wild, crazy pattern which made me laugh :)

This one I would possibly consider wearing....

What do you think, would you wear a running dress? It sounds totally nuts I know, but think back to 2 years ago when noone had ever heard of running skirts which now are quite the cat's meow as we all know....

I also saw this:

So funny!!! I guess I can't knock a guy who wants to spend some quality time with his pooch. But again, this made me smile :)

Before I ran I munched on some Luna Moons in blueberry flavor. I'm too lazy to connect my camera for one picture haha, so it may or may not show up later on here in picture form. They were pretty good, tasted like gummy bears and had a good blueberry flavor. I made sure to take what I thought was enough water with this, too.

After digesting, I went out for a 6 miler. It started off awesome and breezy when I was running through my neighborhood to the lake, but once I got to the lake the wind completely halted. ?!?!? Chicago is ALWAYS windy as heck, especially by the lake. This was quite the anomaly. I had worn a sports bra but with no wind, this ended up being a bad idea. In theory wearing less clothes would make my run cooler, but I am beginning to think that it's worse because I was all sweaty and I had nothing to mop up the sweat with, gross.
What do you think guys - do you think it's better to wear a sports bra, or to wear a longer tank when running in hot and humid weather?
Sorry to you nonrunners who don't want to hear about this! I also think my run was tough because I was dehydrated, I had to stop four times for water which is a lot for just running 6 miles.

Oh well, it feels good to have it done! It's still amazing to me that my LONG runs are so much more glorious than the short ones. My 12 miler was literally an easy, peasy, effortless run, yet this week's 3 and 6 milers were tough as hell. Hoping that this Saturday's 13 miler will be a good one!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! :)


  1. Good job on your run!

    ...a running DRESS?! Whaaa?! I don't understand this concept at all! A running skirt adds a little bit of cuteness but I don't know about a dress!

  2. I'm thinking about buying a running skirt but a running dress I don't know if I could do! We'll see if they become more popular:)

  3. I still have not gotten on the skirt the dress is a no for me!

  4. Leaving aside the fact that nobody in the world needs to see my pasty-white 40 year old stomach, I like running in a tank or singlet because I can wipe my face with it.

  5. Hi, I am new to your blog!!!
    my name is Cindy.

    I am very new to running and so far my "jogging" is with a treadmill. someday I can't wait to do a 3 or 6 mile run outside in real time! ha

    I have a hard time wearing a dress in normal situations, let alone one while huffing and puffing....but that's just me.

    Happy Thursday

  6. Great run!!

    HAHA!! That dog photo is hilarious :-D

  7. Oh my...I haven't even tried the running skirt yet, never mind a dress!

    I wear a longer tank, 'cuz I don't need my belly flopping all over the place. We'll see how I feel once a few more inches are trimmed off ;)

  8. I want that dog!

  9. That crazy pattern is making my head spin. :D
    One of the cool things about running is that we get to people watch, no?
    Yeah, a longer tank top can indeed be useful to wipe my sweaty face. I've never actually tried running only with sports bras.

  10. I've never even heard of a running dress before! I wonder too - what's the point?

    Cute pup!

  11. now that is one bright/bold running outfit! haha takes guts to wear that one!
    the dog is too cute :)
    glad to hear 12 miles is easy!! are your training for a marathon? If so- your going to kill it! haha

  12. I've never even seen a running dress! Great job on your run though, and I say just wear what you feel comfortable in :) I'm past being self conscious in just a sports bra...girl power, haha