Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nostalgic 4th of July

Hi guys!

I wasn't sure if my hotel in Bloomington, IN would have wi-fi, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they do, and it is FREE!!

Here's a pic of the mint fudge brownies that I made for the party last night - I know I'm not being very humble now, but these brownies are just to die for. I would post the recipe but they are a Fannie May recipe and I'm not sure how it works with posting recipes that are copyrighted.... is it ok as long as I give due credit?? When I got home from my 9 miler this morning, I was craving something savory so I was happy to find some of my leftover guac from last night that Yaya had been nice enough to save in the fridge for me. I ate this with some leftover veggies - mostly broccoli and cucumbers. It hit the spot! It's just a good feeling to know that after running 9 miles I burned app. 900 calories which makes it easier to justify eating whatever I want! :)
I snacked on some blueberries which got devoured too quiclky to star in a picture, and then had these dates:

In the care on the way to B-town, Mike and I snacked on leftover veggies - we have TONS left over from the party - dipped in spinach hummus from Whole Foods (not pictured) and Naturally More almond butter. Mike was loving his first time eating almond butter!
After a long, very rainy drive to our old campus stomping grounds, we ended up at Yogi's for dinner. It wasn't by any means one of our favorite places to eat in Btown but it is kind of a college classic, and Mike really had a taste for a burger. I had some veggie chili which, despite the waiter telling me otherwise, was SO spicy that I doused it with mustard and salt and could still hardly eat it!!

I also enjoyed a nice, light veggie hummus pita sandwich. The wine alongside was my favorite wine from Bloomington Oliver Winery wine - "soft red". Mike and I used to drink the Oliver rose wine a long time, but the soft red was surprisingly just up my alley, meaning sweet and light. (As I'm typing this, as we were talking about how strawberry wine was made, Mike just teased me about how it "probably tastes so good because it is mostly processed juice made from high fructose corn syrup". What a terrible thing to say to me ;) ) I had two glasses of the soft red wine at Yogi's.
After Yogi's we had plans to go to Bear's for $5 comedy night, but they were closed for the holiday. Awww.... we were so excited for this! So instead we headed to Big Red Liquors - and felt young again as the clerk quizzed us about our driver's license info, haha - came back to the hotel, and now I am drinking my oh-so-delicious Olivery Winery strawberry wine while we are watching the IU TV channel for old times sake! We stocked up since it is nearly impossible to find Oliver Winery wine in Chicago.
Here is Mike tring to be suave drinking his rum and coke ;) Mike and I met over 5 years ago at IU and we are having a blast reliving our college memories - what are your favorite college memories??
Hope you all had a great holiday! :)


  1. Haha, i feel so young when I get asked to see my ID, but it is kind of a pain that they still ask to see it if I want to see an R rated movie!

  2. Although, i have attended about 12 different colleges, some of my "favorite" times were also in Bloomington. I spent a fair amount of time at Nick's among other watering holes.

  3. Those mint fudge brownies look so yummy! Ahh memories...I actually got a bit of nostalgia this weekend as well when I hung out w/some college friends. Since we usually get together with ppl we didn't go to college with, we're always bringing up fun college stories to explain how we all know each other. *sigh* oh college.

    Good to hear your 9 miler went well!!

  4. Those brownies look amazing! I could munch on veggies all day, too. I'm sure it would be more fun if only we had those nut butters here, though. :S

    Ah university life... I actually miss the taking exams and cramming term papers. Ha! :D

  5. I once visited friends at Indiana...I love that campus! Have fun and try to avoid those AMFs and Hairy Bears... unless you want to be carried home!

  6. val - its up! and its embedded in the post, but i dont think it comes up on google reader -

  7. congrats on the 9 miler girlie & glad to hear your having fun in Bloomington!

  8. Hey I live in Indiana :) Glad you had a nice time!

  9. I'm from Franklin but live in Greenwood now. IU is an awesome campus although I spent more time with my ex at Purdue..sorry LOL!