Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Fat Greek Rooftop party

Last night we got home too late for me to post, since I had an early wake-up call today, so here is what happened yesterday after I posted last:

Lunch was very early, around 10:00 or 10:30 I think. I was craving veggies... my tastebuds are DEFINITELY warped these days, I've always loved veggies but I've never wanted them instead of sweet stuff until now.

Leftover guac with 2 huge carrot sticks. A square of the real deal - 100% cocoa - I got this idea from Heather but wasn't sure if I was bad ass enough to eat it with NO added sugar. Surprisingly it was pretty good! It is still very creamy and melts in your mouth like chocolate, but because it is bitter I wasn't tempted to eat the whole bar in one sitting - I actually was able to stop at just one square - so this will do my wallet good!
Mike was lucky enough to score us seats at our first rooftop event to watch the Cubs game! All of the rooftops look awesome but we were definitely at one of the biggest ones. This event (sponsored by a company Mike does business with) had multiple well-stocked open bars and had food, as well, plus they threw in a goody bag per person complete with binoculars, which is kinda cool since we live in a high-rise and now we can spy on our neighbors ;) ...just kidding... maybe...

I started off by having a cabernet sauvignon and a water.
Great view of the skyline - that's supposed to be Harry Carrey's face on the back of that rooftop
Robyn (who's originally from Detroit), eating her first Chicago-style hotdog!
While the rest of the crew enjoyed their carnivorous eats, I will happy to have a plate of kosher spears..... seriously, I was! I'd take a good pickle over meat any day :)
With Mike, his brother Anthony, and Anthony's girlfriend, Robyn
Some chardonnay - not so good, so my third (and final glass of the day) was some more cab.

They actually did have veggie burgers - if you want to call them that...... although the cooks claimed they were Gardenburgers, instead of coming in burger form they were frozen together into one huge glob that looked like a frozen turkey! So, it took 15 minutes to get one "burger" and really it was just a chopped up mess.
I had about 3 of these bowlfuls since there wasn't much in them, plus mustard, pickles, and raw onion on top.

Mike and I

We went to the company's "after party" at Rockit Bar for a bit to schmooze with the clients before heading back to Robyn's place where I had a bananaand some strawberries
and this entire bagfull, minus the 2 or 3 that Mike had. Hey, I love me some dates! This, my friends, is why someone needs to send me about 20 bags of bulk dates because I go through these like water....Although I was ready to go home since I knew I had a long run this morning, we stopped by the Hellenic Professionals Society (for young Greek professionals in Chicago) since Mike's a member and they had a big roof-top outing.
Unfortunately, though we had great weather for the rooftop Cubs game, by this time at night it had started raining and Mike and I looked like two wet rats in this photo...
I was still kind of hungry by the time we got home - I didn't feel like I had eaten that much that day and I think my body needed some more carbs before the upcoming long run - so I grabbed a new flavor of Larabar.
Even though it's called "cocoa mole", for some reason I thought that was a cutesy name for a chocolate bar... it didn't even occur to me that it was spicy, aka, spicy mole sauce!!
It contained chili powder which gave it an interesting kick. It wasn't terrible, but the chocolate flavor was bit disappointing so I would probably give it a B-.

I'll post again soon, but first I wanted to catch up with yesterday. Have a great Saturday everyone! :)

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  1. I had an Apple Pie Larabar today and liked it!! I didn't like the Coconut Cream Pie one I had the other day so I was relieved that I found a flavor I liked. Your pictures are so cute!!

    Your picture of dark chocolate reminded me of another reason I can stop at one block of chocolate: I love very bitter chocolate!!