Monday, July 27, 2009

Food miscombining and Running shenanigans

Hi guys!
I have to admit, after eating a high-raw diet for a few weeks now (with few exceptions) and for the most part feeling AWESOME, breaking the "rules" today made me feel like crap. Really, really, really crappy.
For those of you who eat meat, or don't know or care what "raw" means, you probably think it's crazy to follow "rules" when it comes to eating, but trust me, I have felt infinitely better over the past few weeks from following the food combining rules than ever before (certain foods fid into certain categories, such as starch or protein or veggies or fruit, and mixing categories makes it harder to digest various foods).
So, while it may not work for everyone, it HAS worked for me. I am incredibly ready to get back on track tomorrow, and I feel so yucky right now I can't bring myself to bother posting about what I ate tonight.
Basically, part of the reason I fell of the "raw" wagon today was because I was getting super low on fresh produce so I tried to stretch what I had left, and not having ANY greens today was a sorry change compared to my normally veggie-heavy diet. I miss you veggies....
ANYHOO, in the meantime I will leave you with something I found on it's pretty hilarious and realistic, if you are like me you may find that most of these apply to you! ;)
You know you're a runner when...

*your first thought when you look at the weekly weather forecast is, "When can I fit in my runs?" (check!)
* you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile (check!)
* you've lost a toenail. And you tell people, "It's not that bad."
* you smirk when non-runners ask you, "So how long is this marathon?" (check!)
* you have a drawer full of medals and other race souvenirs that you're not sure what to do with (check!)
* you go into Starbucks more often to use the bathroom than to actually buy coffee (check!)
* you no longer make fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks very similar (although cooler) to one (check!)
* you've used an old race T-shirt to wash your car, dust furniture, or clean something else (check!)
* your treadmill has more miles on it than your car
* you get an invitation to a wedding and you automatically think about what race the date will conflict with (check!)
* you have dreams about showing up to a race late or not wearing any clothes (I have running dreams in general - check!)
* you're not embarrassed to wear spandex
* the salespeople at your local running shop know you by name
* you're always hungry (double check!!)
* you know how to take a cup of water from a water without choking on it or spilling it all over yourself (haha, still learning to master this one!)
* at least one of your web site usernames or email addresses has the word "run" or "runner" in it (check!)
* you know where your illiotibial band is located (um no, do you?)
* you no longer hate port-a-johns. In fact, there have been times when you've been very happy to see one (oh yeah, check!)
* you wear your running watch even when you're not running. ("It matches, right?") (check!)
* you've had your running shoes for three months and you know it's already time to replace them (check!)
* you spend more time researching running routes than local restaurants when traveling to a new city (check!)
* your physical therapist's receptionist knows you by the sound of your voice on the phone (no, thank goodness!)
* you know where exactly one mile from your front door is (in any direction) (oh hell yes! and 2 miles, and 3 miles, and 4 and 5....)
* you know how to correctly spell and pronounce plantar fasciitis (don't go there... PF is my arch nemesis)
* you own more pairs of running socks than dress socks (for sure, check!)
when you hear PR, you automatically think "personal record", not "public relations" (check!)
* you pack more running clothes than bathing suits when going on a beach vacation (check!)
* you have running clothes and an extra pair of running shoes in your car, "just in case."(I always have a pair of running shoes in my car in case my PF kicks in during work hours!)
* your holiday wish list can be fulfilled at any running or sporting goods store (check... or the Garmin store, hint hint!)
* one of the first things people ask you when they haven't seen you in a while is, "What race are you training for now?" (check!)
* you have several drawers dedicated to running shirts (practically!)
* you get excited when the new Runner's World comes in the mail (oh yeah!)
* your Facebook or Twitter updates frequently involve running (check!)
* your only recent photos of you alone are race photos
* you always have your next race on the calendar (and have about 3 calendars just to keep track of my training runs!)
* your runs are sometimes longer than your commute to work or school (by far!)
* your running partners know more about your bodily functions than your significant other (weirdly enough, yes!)

I loved this :) Do you have anything to add to this list?


  1. Haha that's so funny. I'm not a runner (yet) but this definitely made me laugh!! Glad your body is feeling so great!!

  2. your treadmill has more miles on it than your car

    i love that one! also when you wrote something about rules and eating, i never thought about how that sounds till i read it, i have my own set that i follow and tweak every once in awhile, and its good to know that im not alone!

  3. tee hee! i definitely know i'm not a runner!!!

  4. I felt the same way when I tried eating at the campus cafe (processed veggie food) after being vegan for a while and observing a partial raw diet. It was horrible! I'm getting back on the wagon right now too!

  5. wow that list described me in every way as a runner! Thank you for your raw food post too!

  6. That list is so great - I love it!

  7. Hahah I love that list. I'm not a runner yet but plan to be someday!
    I really think our bodies get used to whatever we put in them, and when we have junk that we haven't had in a while it torments our system! Good luck getting back on track!

  8. That list is awesome! You're lucky you don't know where your IT Band is because that means you have never had any problems with it. It's a long band of tissue that runs from your hip down the side of your knee. It hurts like a mother if it's messed up. Your chocolate bites were so good from Saturday and it was nice meeting you!

  9. Enjoyed reading this one! :D
    Thanks for the ever so helpful reminders on your Marathon Mondays. Also, I've been thinking of a catchy name for your domain since MarathonVal is taken. If you intend to pursue your goals against violence - valvsviolence?

  10. haha this post couldn't be more true! I am always checking the weather and my laundry basket is filled to the brim with workout clothes :)

  11. Oh my goodness- that list IS me! Hope your tummy is feeling better! I writing to you from the high seas- think sailing in wild winds equals a long run?

  12. I LOVE this list, it is such a true run down of a runner!! The socks and clothes are totally me, but I haven't lost a toenail yet!

  13. Hi, I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say HI

    I can totally hear you about the food combining! I am on the same journey there~
    I am very new to running (jogging I should say) and that list makes me smile big time.

    I do seem to have more yoga/jogging clothes than "regular" ones!

    I am enjoying your blog!
    Happy Tuesday

  14. I just got so excited about your possible Euro trip that I forgot to tell you I'm relinking to this post...hilarious! Found a few more too :)