Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boxed wine and the Beach Boys

Last night was our second time seeing the Beach Boys at Ravinia, and my third time seeing them overall - I saw them once when I was little. I love oldies music, but even if you don't, the Beach Boys are super fun to see in concert!

Haha, actually at Ravinia we don't get seats - it's way more fun to picnic on the lawn - so I should say that it's fun to HEAR them in concert!

Mike enjoying one of my mint fudge brownies on the train, in between sips of beer.... classy, Mike! I'm lovin my new haircut in person, but for whatever reason I don't think it looks that good on camera, boo
Sorry that I cut off some of the letters ;) I grabbed my camera too late!

For anyone who isn't familiar, Ravinia Park is in Highland Park, IL - north of the city - and has something every night, ranging from opera to Carrie Underwood to John Legend. Tix are cheap and it's always a great time!
I enjoyed my "cauliflower with creamy caper sauce" - it actually tasted really similar to potato salad! I would make it again for sure...
And the Ani Phyo sunburgers I would make again in a heartbeat!!!! I modified the recipe a bit to fit with the ingredients I had on hand, but they turned out awesome. Instead of dehydrating them, I used my oven on the lowest temp it has (170), so they are "high-raw" sunburgers. I topped them with fresh tomato and avocado and I went to town on these!
Lots of Oliver Wine was enjoyed throughout the course of the night as well (unpictured)
In addition to the Oliver (bottled), I also tried my first boxed wine - from Target no less - thanks to Sarah and Travis ;)

Who needs chairs and a table like the rest of the Ravinia crowd - only the cool kids eat their picnic on the ground, right Mike?
This is an incredibly unflattering angle lol, I need to learn how to crop pictures - that will be my project for today :)
The newly engaged couple!

Some of our fellow picnic-goers
Back home, after polishing off the remaining Almond Joy cookies, my wine-soaked self decided to have a Larabar. Bad decision, I blame this bar for the reason I woke up with a terrible stomache. It tasted decent, but the apple pie is not one of my faves. I'm giving it 2/5 stars.

Great night though!!! :)
Don't forget guys - the Holey Donuts giveaway ends tonight at midnight - and thanks again for checking on my fundraising link on the left side of my blog homepage!
Questions for my lovely readers:
Does anyone know why the spaces between paragraphs don't show up toward the end of this posting? I have been having trouble with this lately.
What food and drinks do you like to take to outdoor concerts?


  1. Can I say Picasa? It is really good for a free photo editing program.

  2. Picnic with good music playing sounds like a fun night! Your foodie creations in the previous post all look amazing.

  3. Ah sounds like such a fun night!!

  4. I had a problem with that too on my blog..sometimes I have to re-edit like 4 times just to get the spaces out. Maybe try doing a lookover before publishing your post to make sure the spaces are how you want them and sometimes if you leave a space after words but before the pics, it won't jumble all together.. Oh and sounds like a fun night!! Hope that helped a little??